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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism involves Tourists seeking dental care in a foreign country, while on a leisure tour of that country. Dental Tourism is a growing trend in India particularly in bangalore who's seeking an affordable professional dental makeover.

Dental Tourism in Bangalore is becoming increasingly popular with foreign visitors. These days, Bangalore is considered as one of the dental tourism capitals of the world, with its high standards of care, cleanliness, low prices, and accessibility. Dental treatment in Bangalore is inexpensive as compared to the western countries and at the same time provides the same quality of Care..

Dr.Subhas's Toothzone Dental Studio welcomes dental tourists who are seeking quality dental care in a short period of time and at an affordable cost with exceptional Services.

Our Modern treating methods and facilities can satisfy all demands of our customers. Our state-of-the-art clinic offers the total dental tourism solution allowing you to combine a perfect vacation with top quality dental treatment and care.

Dr.Subha's Toothzone Dental Studio is trusted name in dental tourism because we deliver what we promise. Professional and affordable dental treatment using only the finest materials sourced from Germany, Switzerland and USA. Our Dental Studio is ultra modern and staffed by dental professionals who are highly trained and specialised to match the best of international standards.

All treaments will be handled only by the specialist, dental implants are placed by our implantologist , crowns and Veneers by our cosmetic dentist , Root Canal Treatment by Endodontics and so on.

FACILITIES in Dr.Subha's TOOTHZONE Dental Studio :
  1. pecialists for all Treatments
  2. Ultra Modern Equipments with trained doctors
  3. Steralization Monitoring Certificate
  4. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Multispeciality Dental Clinic - certified by IAF-JAS ANZ.
  5. Exceptional Services @ Affordable Cost.
  6. Better Hospitality (Feels like your Home - Entertainment / WiFi Zone ...)
  7. Dentistry Towards Excellence..
  8. Free Pick-up / Drop to Hotel
  9. Arrangement for Karnataka / Kerala Tourism

Our Dr.Subha's ToothZone Dental Studio is located near by most happening palces in bangalore like Indira Nagar / MG Road / Brigade Road / Shivaji Nagar and Shopping Malls.

Most dental works takes at the most couple of hours over a short period of days / week at the most. After a dental appointment , vistors can explore the beautiful places near by bangalore. Please find the below mentioned places near by karnataka / Kerala during your visit.

For more information please contact us at toothzonedentalstudio@gmail.com / +91-8088976655 (Mobile) / 080-40906143 (Landline)